Eco-Technilin, founded in 1998 by a local agricultural cooperative, was then tasked with improving the value of short fibers in the textile industry. Saved from the turmoil following the 2008 car crash by an English investor, Douglas Spinney, the company has diversified its client portfolio and expanded its playing field.

After 8 years under an Anglo-Saxon banner, Cap Seine was a agricultural cooperative whose strategy was to diversify its activities and to capture and preserve the added value created on the territory from agricultural resources which has acquired of the company.

Since Eco-Technilin merged its activities with the start-up Linéo to present a structured and complete range of composites, and opened a new factory in Poland to support the growth of its customers in the East of Europe. 'Europe. Cap Seine having in 2018 merged with Interfaces Cereals to give birth to the NatUp group, Eco-Technilin is one of the NatUp Fibers companies alongside its sister companies Linière Saint Martin and FIR Poland.


The resources of our planet are not inexhaustible, we do not have a planet of relief and we must leave to future generations a pleasant living environment.


Offer solutions to reduce our environmental footprint by reducing energy consumption and eradicating the use of non-revaluable products.


With 20 years of existence Eco-Technilin is the European leader in the technical use of natural fibers. Our range of products allows us to reach all processing technologies. With each technology, each product, each application, its solution. Woven, non-woven and unidirectional, dry or impregnated, thermoplastic or thermosetting, petro-hard or biosourced polymers, we offer all solutions to your needs.

In the automotive, aerospace, rail, marine, building, composite, filtration and even domestic use, natural fibers have a place of choice and our job is to offer solutions that allow you to do, lightweight, powerful, beautiful, while remaining affordable and environmentally friendly.